Frequently Asked Questions



Where are camp activities held?
All camp activities are held on the Douglass Campus of Rutgers University. Nicholas Music Center and Marryott Music Building are where a majority of camp activities are held.

Are college classes in session during the Rutgers Oboe Reed Making Intensive?
Yes. Camp participants and collegiate students may pass by one another occasionally. However, our camp events are distinct from all collegiate activity. Interaction between Rutgers student population and our camp guests is extremely minimal.

Are auditions required for admittance to Rutgers Oboe Reed Making Intensive?
Auditions are not required.

Whom do I contact for assistance, or with questions?
For any questions regarding the application procedure and administrative matters, please contact the Extension Division


What time and where is drop off Friday-Sunday?
On Friday and Saturday, Students should be dropped off at Nicholas Music Center at 5:15 p.m.

What time and where is pick up?
Students should be picked up no later than 9:15 p.m.

Are directions or campus maps available?
View building location of the Nicholas Music Center and find directions here.

Where is parking?
Students wishing to park during the intensive should contact the Extension Division office for more information – 848-932-8618.

Will my child be safe on campus?
Yes. We take great care to supervise buildings, surrounding areas, and all activities utilizing Extension Division staff and counselors.

What meals are served to participants?
Because this is only a half-day program, no meals will be provided.


Describe the registration process.
Please click here to learn about our registration process.

How do I register?
Registration begins December 15, 2017. Registration ends June 11, 2018; all medical forms must be received by July 18, 2018.

All registration is online.

Can I register over the phone?  
No. We only accept registrations online.

How do I pay for camp?
Payment is made online via our secure registration system.

  • You will set up a username and password to access your registration account.
  • Please complete online forms as prompted.
  • Pay a portion of your balance due, or pay for the entire camp at once.  Payment plans are available and may be set up at the time of registration.
  • Please note: Auto billing is required of all camp participants utilizing payment plans.  You may pay off your balance due at once or in stages at any time prior to the final payment due date.
  • Billing questions?Please contact the Mason Gross Extension Division office at or 848-932-8618.

How can I pay my balance due?
You can either return to your online registration account and complete payment via credit card, in person via check or cash, or by mail via check.

Please make all checks payable to “Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey”

Please be certain to identify your child’s name and the camp/institute your child will attend. A $25 fee will be assessed for any returned check. Our mailing address is:

Mason Gross Extension Division at Rutgers University

Rehearsal Hall, room 101
85 George Street, New Brunswick 08901
Are payment plans available?
For information regarding payment procedures and payment plans for summer programs, please visit the “Payment Procedures” section of our summer program policies page, which can be found here.

Is financial aid available?
No.  However, The Rutgers Federal Credit Union has financing options available for continuing education and summer programs! If financing or cost is an issue, we urge you to fill out the Rutgers Federal Credit Union Continuing Education Loan application.

Are there any discounts for Rutgers faculty or staff?
Yes, Rutgers Faculty & Staff are eligible for a 10% discount.  This discount may not be combined with other offers.

What is the application deadline?
June 5, 2017. Applications will be considered on a rolling basis, as space is available after this deadline has passed.


What are your policies regarding cell phone use?
Students may use cell phones in-between instructional sessions and during instructional sessions in the event of emergency only. Cell phones must be silenced during instructional sessions.

Student Behavior
The Extension Division reserves the right to dismiss any student for inappropriate behavior. Students are provided with clear guidelines for behavior during an orientation session at the start of each camp session. Refunds will not be provided to any students dismissed from camp for inappropriate behavior. Examples of inappropriate behavior that may result in dismissal:

  • Bullying
  • Smoking
  • Drinking alcohol or being in possession of alcohol
  • Use of illegal drugs, possession of illegal drugs or unapproved use of prescribed medication
  • Failure to obey Extension Division policies and procedures
  • Abusive behavior towards camp faculty and staff
  • Theft
  • Vandalism of university facilities or property

In most cases, students are informed of behavioral issues detected by camp faculty and/or staff and given the opportunity to modify their behavior while continuing in the camp. The Extension reserves the right to dismiss students without warning in cases of egregious breach of policies and/or procedures, or in cases where the safety/well-being of other campers is threatened. Parents of minors will be informed of any pending disciplinary action.

Participant waiver & photo release form
A participant waiver that includes a photo release form and a waiver of liability is included in the registration process.


I have specific questions not addressed in this FAQ document.  Can I speak with someone?
Yes! Please e-mail us – – your name, phone number, the best time to reach you, and your question(s). In the subject line of your email, please indicate the following your name, the name of the camp, and your question.

We will contact you with the answer to your question at the next available opportunity.

Call us at 848-932-8618.  Please note that the best way for us to put you in touch with someone who can answer your question is to email us first and let us then contact you via phone.